Live mode vs Test mode

Basqet Payment widget allows you to work on two modes:

  • Test mode: this mode allows your developers to test any action without using real crypto, only use this mode when you are testing integrations.

  • Production mode: this mode is used when your app has been deployed to production, only use after you've tested your integration thoroughly.

You can easily switch between Live and Test modes with a click of a button at the top of the menu sidebar. When you switch between modes, we'll also switch the API keys. Test keys will always have _test in the prefix (eg: pub_test_KX3FHNzQpe9VbQg7OzkC3qSE7ufvwYS) and Prod keys will always have _live in the prefix(eg: pub_live_aZvNuzm-VXBGZfS3b5v-q3a52AsSY-a).

To get your API keys:




Kindly regenerate your API keys if you believe you have been compromised, you can generate new API Keys by clicking the Regenerate API Keys button on the API Page on your dashboard.

This will invalidate all existing keys previously generated and give you a new set, you can then update your app with the new ones.